Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Alcohol Ink Painting

Well, Hello!!!
If you've been wondering where I went . . . well, not far!
I was invited to the lake to spend a day with my dear friend and her family
who were vacationing for a week.
How awesome is it to be included - and fed - and directed to "just sit there!"
I did the most "Nothing" that I think I've even done in my life in one day.
I did more "Nothing" that day than I did on the day I returned from surgery!
It was a perfect day and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Wonderful people, Beautiful weather!!!
Thank you for including me

For those of you observant mathmeticians, you know that one day does
not equal the number of days since my last post . . . 
What can I say? Excuses, excuses . . . nonetheless, here I am again and 
Alcohol Inks it is! 
Were you expecting something different?

This was a different technique, however.
I actually painted the inks on with a paintbrush.

First, of all, I stamped the image with Memento black ink and
allowed it to dry well.

Secondly, I dropped only a drop or two of each color of alcohol ink into separate wells of a
plastic ink pallete that I'd gotten at Michaels.
In one well I put several drops of Alcohol blending solution.

I wet the brush slightly with the solution
 (not dripping, if it's too wet, just touch the drips to a dry paper towel)
 and lightly touched the ink with the tip of the brush. 
Then, by simply dragging the brush across the glossy cardstock, I painted!!!

The ink in the wells dry quickly, however, by softening the brush in the alcohol
blending solution first, it's easy to pick up the dry ink.
This is a very thrifty manner of painting - it hardly takes any ink.

Be sure to clean you brush with the blending solution, 
wiping the brush until clean on paper towel  between each color.

I did these 2 cards and was so very impressed with myself
because I have never, ever painted anything I was proud of until now!
My son and a good friend told me that I should frame them!!!

Aren't alcohol inks totally AMAZING!!!


  1. Awesme projects, these look fantastic, Cathy x

  2. Impressive. Beautifully done and you should frame these. Very well done. - Jim