Thursday, August 14, 2014

Vintage New Year's Crackle

Well, I am totally out of my "norm",
but I was soooooo curious if I could figure out the 
crackle look and my Mom had printed out some of these adorable 
vintage pictures that I thought I'd put to use.
I hope you can see the linen texture in the cream frame and the crackle texture of the photo.
I am TOTALLY impressed!
My friend and I sit and giggle as we create and I think my favorite word is:
It's ok to be impressed with yourself, isn't it?
Have a marvelous day!
PS - No alcohol ink . . .?


  1. Love this card. Very ell executed. Since I am somewhat vintage I like vintage. LOL - Jim

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. :-) Great card - it's good to stray away from your norm sometimes! x

  3. The crackle is very visible and really beautiful.
    Saw your other cards too and they are very beautiful aswell.
    Thank you too for visiting my blog and for leaving me a comment.
    Have a happy, crafty day, Veerle x