Sunday, August 2, 2015

Where's "Normal?"

Well, life has been anything But "normal" for us.
However, how many times in my life have I had
the treasure of a wonderful grandson?
Only once so far and isn't he absolutely adorable!
I have actually been with him, my son and daughter-in-law
at their home which is 15 hours drive time from where we live.
I am grateful for transporation and Skype these day!
We have had a great time and now he is 7 1/2 months old and
learning all kinds of cute things.
I am told I am prejudice because I am "Grandma", 
but truthfully now, isn't he absolutely adorable!

In addition to this wonderful addition to our lives,
we have been finishing our basement and will be listing our
house for sale when I return home.
So, before I left to see my little buddy, I was sorting, cleaning and packing
 getting ready to show and sell our house.
I know it sounds like I am jumping the gun. 
However, I do believe it will sell quickly and less to do after the contract,
will make things a little smoother.

Needless to say, I haven't had a lick of "play-time" and as
Jennifer McGuire says, "I feel like I have lost my Mo-Jo".
Her way of handling it is to just make several cards and get 
right back in gear, which she did excellently.
Jennifer McGuire is wonderful and I have applied many of the things
she has suggested with great succes!
Thanks, Jennifer!
You can find her blog here:

Hopefully, my "Normal" will soon be adapted to accomodate some play.
Until then - the rest of you ... Keep up the great work.
I still look at pinterest and follow your blogs!
Thanks for the inspiration - it keeps me anticipating for the future!

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