Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hello!!! It seems like forever, yet so, so, so quickly has time gone by!
Last I posted was when Caleb was 7 1/2 months old.
Now he is just about 18 mos old and started to talk words that make sense!!!
Life has been so very busy and I wondered back in August where "Normal" was.
Still, I wonder where it has gone to.
Roll with the punches and Thank God while rolling!!!
Somehow, He gets us through it all.
My husband and I have been through a couple surgeries since last fall.
 We are grateful that we have and are recuperting wonderfully.

Our own home, that we were going to sell last fall,
is waiting to go on the market for just that purpose.
In the meantime, we have built and sold 2 other houses. 
My husband has been a residential contractor since 1983,
 that is why you might notice, I talk alot about my Grandson and houses!

Still, I have not gotten much "Play" time, but hoping to do so very shortly!
Thank you, Glenis, for your comments regarding my alcohol ink cards.
 You inspire me to get inspired!!!

Alcohol inks are my very, very favorite as well!
There are so many looks you can get from them.
I have just recently tried alcohol inks on Yupo paper. Cool, cool, Awesome!
I will try to photo and post what I made shortly.
Truthfully, I was so very impressed.
It is a whole different technique that alcohol inks on glossy paper.
So much more changeable on Yupo.

Everyone . . . Have a wonderful rest of your week and thanks for not giving up on me!
To God be all the Glory and Honor. He never gives up on Us!!!

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