Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dogwood Blossom Memory Box Card

I hope your weekend has started out wonderfully!
My husband and I got a video of our 5 month old
grandson taste testing broccoli and banana.
The banana went over great, but broccoli, well,
they have a ways to go on that one!

I also had a great time stamping with my Mom and Friends today.
Of course, in addition to "Playing", we ate yummy food.

This is not one of the cards I made today, 
but it is one of my favorites!
Probably because I am hooked on 
Memory Box dies and
Alcohol Inks!

This is the Dogwood Blossom and Outline - Love the 2 part dies -
and the border is the Lucienne Tile. 
Both from Memory Box.
I keep thinking I should keep record of the alcohol ink colors that I really like.
The problem is I get going and having so much fun I forget and
besides part of the creativity is how much ink and the arrangement of
the ink spots on the felt.
I can use the same colors on new felt and can't ever seem to
replicate the look just the same again.
I guess that's why it is creative art!

Have fun playing when you get a chance.

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