Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"I'm Not Pharaoh"

Imagine God talking to you right now . . . imagine Him saying this: "I, God, am not Pharaoh. 'Pharaoh' oppressed you, treated you harshly, abused you, beat you, condemned and criticized you. Pharaoh hurt you emotionally, physically and sexually, but I Am NOT Pharaoh. I am your Deliverer, your Healer, your Help, your Strength, your Protector. I love you, I Am Love. I am your Guide, your High Tower, I Am God. There is none like Me. I am not Pharaoh. Ascribe to me glory and honor and praises, but do not ascribe to me Pharaoh's behavior. I am the one who overcame Pharaoh. Listen, I will overcome "Pharaoh" in your life, too. Please don't respond to me as you have toward the 'Pharaoh's' in your life for, I am not Pharaoh. I am the God of Mercy and Lovingkindness. I am the Most High, the Almighty. I am the I Am."

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