Monday, May 4, 2015

God is Able . . . But Will He?

It's an easy thing to say "God Is Able . . " The question that comes to us is,  "But, Will He?" Often times we make our own doctrine or theology in attempt to answer our questions and try to bring ourselves comfort instead of going to God and His Word to find out for ourselves what "His" answer for our "Will He?" question is. Just because it doesn't "appear" that God is working, doesn't mean that He isn't. We must allow God to answer to our question: "I know you are Able, but Will you . . ." It is necessary for us to search the scriptures to find our answers and know that we know, for our very own selves, what God's answer to our doubting question is

Do ever feel that just when life seems to going back to "Normal" you discover that you actually have no idea what "Normal" even is anymore. One thing bombards you right after another and another. You may feel like crumbling apart - you may even ask "God, where are you?" The answer from scripture is: "I am a very present help in time of need" "Ask and you shall receive" "Only Believe", "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lea n not on your own understanding" "God is Faithful". To all that you may say this is just too difficult - I don't know how to believe or trust. But, certainly you do know how to believe or trust. It's actually easier than you think, you do it all the time.

 Think about this one. Do you ever go to your car, put the key in the ignition intending to start driving to work or the grocery store or the gas station and decide that it's not worth it to turn the key because you don't think it will get you anywhere? No! Apparently, you trust that when you turn that key your car will start and off you will be going to your intended destination. Now, of course, your car can disappoint you and decide not to run, but God IS Faithful and He will never disappoint those who will trust Him at least as much as you trust that your car will start when you turn the key. If you can trust that . . . . most certainly you can trust that God will be your ready help in time of need.

Not Only IS God Able - He is Faithful and He Will Do what he says He will do. Your brain will often give you a fuss over this. Tell your brain to shut up and tell your brain to do what You tell it to do. Don't you know that doubts are thoughts that you can control by changing those doubting thoughts in to trusting thoughts. What a foolish thing to do to have a perfectly fine car in the garage and the key in your hand and allow your thoughts to tell you that it won't start so why bother to go and even try. In fact, most likely you don't even think about what the car is going to do or even think about putting the key in the ignition. You simply EXPECT that the car will start. Well it's time to start EXPECTING to see the Faithfulness of God to show his Ability on your behalf to meet your need and to answer your questions and to heal your body and to direct you in the best way to go. These are all things that God says He will do! Yes, God is Able - God is Faithful. Expect God to do what He says he will do. Treat Him with at least as much respect as you treat your car! "God is more than able to do exceedingly above and beyond all that we can think or ask according to the power that works in us." Ephesians 3:20. That power is the Holy Spirit that was imparted to us when we became a child of the Most High God. The same power that raised Christ from the dead!

If you are a Christian, recognize you have the powerful One dwelling in you. Trust Him! If you are not a believer, I would highly suggest you change your beliefs immediately, because without God you are without the help you need! Trust God's ability on your behalf. God is the Father who takes great joy in giving His children what He has available for us - all the privileges and benefits of His Kingdom. He lacks No good thing and is a ready help in times of need. Those are all scriptures. I suggest you study the Bible to find them for yourself and believe what God says and Act like you believe!!! God is Faithful, God is Able, God is Good to those who are His who love him! Yes! God is Able and Yes God Will - Only Believe!!!

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